Tiffany A. Potter

Tiffany A. Potter is Founder/CEO of United Learning Foundation (ULF), a multi-platform disability consulting firm; and creator of the Compassionate Vendor Program ™ (CVP).

ULF’s platforms range from an on-campus culture program, teaching sensitivity and disability awareness to students; and training programs for all industries that teach employees who interface with the general public, how to best assist, support, and communicate with customers that may live with unseen disabilities.

A primary platform of ULF is in the area of Emergency Management. Ms. Potter is a recognized disability subject matter expert (DSME) and special advisor for various local (City of Fresno, CA/ Washoe County, NV/ Alameda County, CA), state (Cal OES / CA Department of Social Services), and national (National Capital Region Homeland Security, DC) agencies in the realm of disaster planning, response and recovery. Her posts as a subject matter expert focus on designing comprehensive Emergency Plans, as well as on Mass Care and Sheltering for those affected by a disaster or catastrophic event considering accessibility of and for those with disabilities and access and functional needs. Having lived with a physical disability since birth, worked extensively with those with unseen disabilities, and worked as a Lead Associate in Mass Care and Sheltering for the San Diego/Imperial County chapter of the American Red Cross, she has become a sought after consultant in her field.

In her spare time Ms. Potter also created the Compassionate Vendor Program ™.  Recognized by the United States federal government as a third party certification program, CVP™ is based on the aforementioned proprietary trainings that, once complete, will have certified each business and their employees, creating a more welcoming and inclusive customer experience.

Beyond her BA in Political Science and minor in Social Work from San Diego State University, she has continued her education by studying through Cornell University’s Employment and Disability Institute with an emphasis on Person Centered work.