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March 2018 Listening Forum
California Disabled Parking Programs: Part 2

Serving as a neutral body for multifaceted topics, CCDA will be hosting Listening Forums in diverse locations throughout the state. CCDA’s goal for these forums is to address the various complexities of issues facing citizens and businesses of California. CCDA will invite members of the disability community, business community, governmental entities, and the general public to share thoughts and ideas through facilitator led discussions.

CCDA hosted its second Listening Forum on the topic of “California Disabled Parking Programs” on March 13, 2018 at Sierra 2 in Sacramento. The Listening Forum was comprised of two parts: a panel presentation with small group discussions and a coffee chat with members and representatives of the legislature. The topics for the day were broad parking accessibility issues, including the DMV Disabled Parking Placard Program and solutions to deter the misuse of disabled parking placards while maintaining access for individuals with disabilities. CCDA Commissioners shared a high-level overview of the forum with members and representatives of the legislature during the coffee chat. Members and representatives also participated in a facilitated discussion on the forum topics.  Over 50 individuals participated in the Listening Forum including public officials, disability advocates, industry groups, Sacramento County and State of California staff, representatives from higher education, and transportation agencies.

Below is a link to the March 13, 2018 Listening Forum Summary Report, as well as video recordings of the forum and coffee chat. Both videos include American Sign Language interpreting and closed captioning.

Listening Forum Summary Report (PDF)(DOC)

Informational Flyer (PDF) (DOC)

Participant Workbook (PDF) (DOC)

California State Auditor for Department of Motor Vehicles (Report 2016-121) Summary of Recommendations (PDF) (DOC)

California State Auditor for Department of Motor Vehicles (Report 2016-121) Fact Sheet (PDF) (DOC)

Senate Bill 611 (Hill) Summary (PDF) (DOC)

Comment Form (PDF) (DOC)