Guy Leemhuis

Mr. Leemhuis has been an attorney in private practice in Culver City for the past 8-1/2 years, with areas of focus in special education, disability rights, family law and probate matters. He primarily litigates family law and probate matters in the Central District of Los Angeles County Superior Court. He has been appointed Minor’s Counsel in various departments in the Central District Family law and probate courts. He is bilingual and biliterate in English and Spanish.

Prior to October 2005 he worked as an attorney for Disability Rights CA (formerly Protection & Advocacy, Inc. (PAI), a non-profit disability rights organization that provides free legal services to people with disabilities in California, for eleven years and in his final three years there, served as the Multicultural Affairs Director for Protection & Advocacy Inc.

During the past nineteen years Mr. Leemhuis has represented hundreds of individuals with disabilities, particularly in the area of special education, (e.g., early intensive autism intervention services, behavior intervention, full inclusion and language access) ADA discrimination, Public Benefits, and Access to inclusive educational settings for children with disabilities.

From 1995-2005, Mr. Leemhuis had oversight for the coordination of PAI’s various statewide outreach programs targeting underserved/multi-ethnic disability communities. He also coordinated the agency’s various diversity initiatives and represents clients from underserved ethnic and language distinct disability communities.

From 2001 to 2007, Mr. Leemhuis served as a founding member of Los Angeles Certified Neighborhood Council and served as president of the council for five years. He also was appointed as a Neighborhood Review Commissioner in 2007 and assisted in developing a comprehensive report on the impact and further improvement of the neighborhood council system.

From 2002 until 2010, Mr. Leemhuis also served as a member of the Empowerment Congress, a group comprised of community leaders who provided input to the Honorable Mark Ridley Thomas, CA Assembly member, Senator and Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, respectively. Mr. Leemhuis served as Chair of the Empowerment Congress from 2008 to 2010. In 2006, Mr. Leemhuis was recognized as Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Democrat of the Year for the 48th Assembly District for his work as a community leader.

Mr. Leemhuis is also a former bilingual school teacher having taught at all grade levels K-8. He is a graduate of Loyola Law School (Class of ‘94), Los Angeles and his undergraduate degree is from the University of California, Los Angeles. He is currently attending Claremont School of Theology and the Episcopal Theological Seminary at Claremont where he is expected to attain a Master’s of Divinity in 2015. He is a native of Los Angeles and currently resides there.