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Top Ten Alleged Construction-Related ADA Violations

January – February 2018

RankKey CodeDescription
112Parking: Parking Spaces. Existing parking spaces are not compliant; fading/blue paint or excessive slope. "Boost Your Business - Parking" on YouTube.
216Accessible Route and Entry: Ramps. Curb ramps or entrance ramps are not compliant or non-existing.
"Boost Your Business - Ramps" on YouTube
"Boost Your Business - Curb Ramps" on YouTube
311Parking: Number of spaces. Parking lot does not contain minimum number of accessible parking spaces. "Boost Your Business - Parking" on YouTube.
414Parking: Loading zones/van access aisles are not compliant or non-existent. "Boost Your Business - Parking" on YouTube.
515Accessible Route and Entry: Routes to and from parking lot or public right of way are not accessible. May include: uneven surfaces or lack of detectable warnings. "Boost Your Business - Parking" on YouTube.
626Access Within Public Facility: Access Height. Heights of surfaces such as counters, bars, or tables are not compliant. "Boost Your Business - Halls and Fountains" on YouTube.
713Parking: Parking Signage. Signage in parking lot is not compliant (e.g., parking spaces need to be designated as reserved by a sign showing the symbol of accessibility). "Boost Your Business - Signs" on YouTube.
844General Violations: accessible features are not maintained.
"Boost Your Business - Tips and Resources" on YouTube
918Accessible Route and Entry: Door Hardware. Thresholds, handles, pulls, latches, locks, or other operating devices are not accessible. Kick plates. "Boost Your Business - Doors" on YouTube.
1045 Accessible Route and Entry: accessible path of travel is too far away, the path is obstructed, or the path is not apparent.
Watch DOR's "Boost Your Business - Path of Travel" on YouTube.


Top Ten Archive

Please Note: The information we have compiled is part of a developing body of data. It is the hope of our commission that over time this information will help to better inform the community about areas where disability access is lacking so that it can be addressed through the collaborative efforts of the business and disability communities and government. This information is not intended to suggest that the top ten access issues are the same in every city or county. It is reflective of only the data received by the commission from law firms in compliance to SB1186. We hope this information will help in the ongoing dialogue between the disability and business community to reduce such barriers in our state.

CCDA Accessibility Construction Inspection Checklist

The California Commission on Disability Access is pleased to provide this Accessibility Construction Inspection Checklist (Accessibility Checklist) for use by trained building code officials/building inspectors as a reference guide to assist with on-site inspection of accessibility features and construction elements affecting accessibility compliance. The purpose of this Accessibility Checklist is to provide trained building code officials/building inspectors with a reference list of the most common accessibility features to be inspected and/or verified during the construction phases of commercial projects. This Accessibility Checklist is based on the 2013 California Building Code (CBC), Part 2. title 24. California Code of Regulations and should be used in conjunction with the regulations found in Chapter 11B of the CBC.

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